EBT card customer service

Stolen Benefits; Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Cards
June 12, 2016 – 06:32 am
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If you believe your money advantages were taken out of your account by an unauthorized detachment, or your EBT card is lost, taken, or damaged, call customer care straight away at (877) 328-9677.

The customer solution representative will stop the use of your card and certainly will tell you ways to get a unique EBT card. It is important which you call customer care straight away because if some one uses your card and PIN to get benefits, these benefits won't be replaced. You have to call customer care to report a lost or stolen card; don't phone your county office.

If for example the EBT card isn't working and you think you still have advantages readily available, your card is damaged. You should request a replacement card as quickly as possible by either phoning the client Service telephone number listed above or contacting your county workplace.

If you believe your hard earned money benefits had been taken out of your account, and you didn't use your EBT card and PIN to withdraw the cash, electronic theft may have taken place. Electronic theft is any loss of cash benefits taken by an unauthorized withdrawal, or use of benefits that does not occur by the use of a physical EBT card issued to the recipient or authorized third party to directly access the benefits.

Listed here three actions must certanly be followed to report stolen money benefits:

* straight away call EBT customer support at (877) 328-9677 to speak to a client provider Representative to submit a claim, and

* File a police report, and

Source: www.ebt.ca.gov
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