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July 30, 2016 – 02:15 pm
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I would provide this business zero performers easily could. Mercury auto insurance is by far the worst insurance company We have ever endured to cope with. Earlier a woman ran a stop indication and pulled completely into traffic and I hit this lady vehicle. She ended up being determined to be responsible and received a ticket. She had Mercury insurance coverage therefore I filed the claim using them. I happened to be able to drive the vehicle house, which no more had a front bumper and had a bent hood because I existed a couple of blocks away. The automobile wasn't safe to push.

Mercury took two weeks to come away and gauge the automobile, and I was handed an estimate for approximately 800$ to repair the damage (grossly low-balled, but that is become anticipated). They said that generally they come get the automobile and put it in just one of their authorized stores to really have the damage fixed, but there were no shops near in which I lived. I became on my own locate a reputable store plus they failed to offer to tow the car as it had been "drivable."

I'd to drive the car on the highway to a Maaco that was about 30 miles away. The folks at Maaco were very helpful and expert. They gave me an estimate for approximately 1800$ to correct the destruction into car. I labeled as Mercury and informed them they had low-balled the estimation by about 1000$. Mercury said they'd have their individual come-back, reassess, and adjust the quantity they'd be prepared to spend. In addition they requested that I drive the vehicle 30 kilometers house, and deliver the automobile back again to the store on a Monday so they really wouldn't need to protect the cost of a rental car over a weekend (because the store folks try not to focus on the week-end).

It had been a Thursday. We informed all of them that was absurd and unsatisfactory. I had currently waited 14 days. What was we likely to do, stroll to function everyday? We work 6 days weekly, which include vacations. The vehicle has also been maybe not safe to drive to start with. It absolutely was just after I began yelling on the phone that they consented to I would ike to keep the vehicle on store but their adjuster check-out Maaco to reassess the destruction.

Then I went to Enterprise to grab the local rental vehicle the Mercury insurance carrier said they would pay for free of charge in my opinion. Once I got truth be told there, the guy at the front table said Mercury would pay 21$ a day for a motor vehicle, plus they did not have any cars offered to lease for that amount. The lowest priced automobile that they had was 26$ daily. We thought that Mercury would pick-up the additional 5 dollars per day as my only various other option at that time would be to walk 30 miles home with no automobile. We signed an application. DO NOT EVER REPEAT THIS.

After my vehicle had been fixed, Mercury REFUSED to cover the additional 5 dollars daily, even after the Enterprise individuals talked together and explained what had happened. It absolutely was only because i-cried at the front table that Enterprise everyone was nice adequate to simply consume the fee, that was about 70$. Enterprise values customer care, Mercury does not.

So, my car was at the shop about 14 days. It took considerably longer than expected, because Mercury dragged their particular legs and haggled the Maaco individuals to death over whatever they would spend to fix the destruction. Mercury consented to pay around 1260$, which finished becoming about 50$ short of what it cost to fix the vehicle. We went ahead and payed the full amount out of pocket and took the automobile home.

Mercury mailed me a check. the NAME WAS MISSPELLED, so I cannot cash it. I was informed to send the check right back, with a receipt of what I payed at Maaco. two weeks later on, I happened to be however looking forward to a check. I labeled as. Mercury said that they had lost the receipt but obtained the check. I had to e-mail the receipt on statements individual. They'd reissue a check and post it. I finally received a check, that was 50$ brief. We called Mercury and so they said they might not pay the 50$. This is about 2 months following the accident. I happened to be tired of fighting this business for each penny. It took multiple irritating, aggravated phone calls to arrive at this aspect. We threw in the towel.

So, i am aware that was an extended tale. We believed that I would have to be heard because Mercury doesn't supply you with the choice to evaluate their organization service. So in summation, the corporation is AWFUL. You may combat them for every single cent and they're going to however shaft you in the end. They spend a lot more hours hoping to get out of their major obligation, which will be to pay for problems whenever any sort of accident takes place rather than offer good customer support. I'd NEVER buy insurance coverage from their website, and when We previously get into another accident I pray to God that various other motorist has actually any kind of sort insurance besides Mercury.

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How to deal with customer service
How to deal with customer service
Mercury Insurance Group
Mercury Insurance Group
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